Thursday, August 05, 2010

Burlesque - Update

Not really ready to be back to 'normal' but today I got the first indispensable element: a fast internet connection! I'm SO happy like child with a brand new toy!!! My stuff hasn't arrive and will not for a long while, but I'm ready to start posting.

Yesterday watched this movie trailer on TV and definitively is a must be seen for me (for entertainment purposes). Some early critics are saying that the film will be a long-length "Lady Marmelade" video from Moulin Rouge ... others say it's Christina's version of 'A Star is Born'... I say that if is both, the film will be just GREAT!

Here is the trailer so you don't have to go to the trailer blog.

-- End of Update --

I need to close the day on a better note (to cheer me up a little) so I'm going to share about a movie that will be released around Thanksgiving 2010, Burlesque.

If Cannes had Amalric's Tournee, about a Burlesque troupe 'lost' in provincial France (that has to be deliciously/gloriously decadent), Hollywood has its own version but the huge difference is who's starring. After almost 10 years Cher is back to the big screen and no matter whatever everybody says, she looks great! The other lead is the movie debut of Christina Aguilera, that from the few clips available looks as great as in that famous music video from Moulin Rouge. Then we have Kristen Bell with raven black hair looking different. Also starring Stanley Tucci in a role that somehow I imagine similar to Amalric's in Tournee...

Definitively interesting enough to become must be seen for me. Check an interview with some movie clips.

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