Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cannes Posts News

As of this minute almost ALL feature films in the main Selection, Un Certain Regard, Directors Fortnight, and Critics' Week have information, photos and less films, trailers. It was hard labor but I'm very glad that I did it as now I have all films in my head and know which ones definitively cannot miss when I'm able to watch them.

As expected there are many films that do not have trailers and it's understandable as some filmmakers are doing last minute film editing to start doing the transfers that need to be done for Cannes screening. They have less than 21 days to do a series of tasks.

What I really like this year is that there are MANY first time filmmakers in almost all the sections and learning about the directors was a very interesting voyage into discovering how they end up doing their first feature. The most exotic background for me was an engineer, but the most interesting are obviously the ones that come from photography. There is a movie that was 'filmed' with a photo camera, second by second, definitively the end result I HAVE to watch it.

The bad news is that there are not many female directors in the festival. Perhaps that's why they have so many women in other tasks like jurors or even as the mistress of ceremony. Do not forget that 2010 has become a milestone year in the history of American cinema with the first female director winning the top directing honor, so women all over the world expect more female director visibility. Me, I just wish I'm still alive to see when we don't care much about the genre of the director and just care about their professional abilities.

There are many films that suggest will show raw-reality but surely they will do it 'beautifully'. There are some that are horror, a genre I don't appreciate much; but there is a Mexican film about cannibalism that definitively will have to watch. My impression is that there are many films with children as leads, but I'm sure that are NOT for children, sort of ironic. Then you have the regular genres in the fest with films that probably will show a 'known' story differently and surely will be outstanding.

Me rambling about the humongous amount of information that I have in my head and telling nothing specific. Done on purpose. If you wish to learn about the movies at the trailers site (with the awful name I have to change Movie On Companion) you will find a plethora of links to production companies that eventually will have trailers and I suggest you to visit them just to get lost with the other movies they have in-development and/or coming soon.

Just for your information there are 73 new posts at the trailers site since April 15th when the Selection was announced. Each represents a film.

Once a week I'll check if the trailers have 'appeared' and if they become available will post them at the site.

I'm ready for the party and as of today, I'm ready for the fest of all fests to begin, are you???


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