Monday, March 15, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

I definitively enjoy Robert Downey Jr. performances and in this movie I like it for a long while, but then it became too much Downey Jr. and much less a character especially when you think that the character is none other than Sherlock Holmes. I knew before watching that this Sherlock film was going to be different and gee, it was. Seeing Jude Law as Dr. Watson was fun for a while, but then the character became sooo secondary and boring that made me think that the 'real and immortal' Dr. Watson was more interesting.

I blame the director. No, I'm not a fan of Guy Ritchie films and even if this film had some interesting special and visual effects most looked like that: effects and were quite distracting from whatever was going on. Fights were too long for me, perhaps I'm not the target but if is a "hero" film you know who's going to win the fight before hand, so unless there is interesting choreography it becomes very boring.

The effect that I did enjoyed best is when they show Holmes future logical deductions, that was quite interesting and when he does what he thinks in fast camera, the fighting makes a lot more sense. But in general I was disappointed with this film that I wanted to enjoy but thanks to the filmmaker style didn't do much and got to the point where I was about to stop all the nonsense, but Downey Jr. was what kept me until the end.

Cannot recommend the film unless you're Downey's fan (like me) and if you're a Holmes fan I suggest to prepare to an action-packed (James Bond style) very different Sherlock. I imagine that there will be a sequel and I strongly suggest to producers to carefully choose a new director. Somehow I imagine the sequel directed and produced similarly to one Batman installment, the one directed by Tim Burton; let's hope it happens and the film could be not only different but outstanding. The casting should be the same as is an excellent cast that got lost without proper direction.


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