Tuesday, March 02, 2010

82nd Academy Awards News

As we all know "The Mother of All Awards" is next Sunday and while I'm still unpacking I hope that I'll be ready to watch it on TV and in the computer with a nice bottle of very cold champagne as I always do to celebrate the cinema Fiesta Magna. I know that this is an American awards show, but well is always fun to watch and hope this year is entertaining.

The Oscar.com site is open and ready and I suggest you browse it to check the latest video with info about ... THE DRESSES! Yes, get some insights about the designers and clothes women will be wearing in the red carpet. (lol!). On a more serious note, in the site you have the opportunity to Predict the Winners if you feel like playing along.

If you want to check the Scientific & Technical Awards Winners please go here.

Not sure if this week I'll be able to post again at the blog, but be sure that after the awards the winners will be here.


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