Monday, January 11, 2010

Movie Bits

Strongly suggest you do not miss the following movies.

Invictus - Very Emotional, Clint Eastwood definitively it's a master filmmaker and storyteller! Morgan Freeman as Mandela is Outstanding!

It's Complicated - If you're a woman or men of certain age you have to watch this comedy with stellar Meryl Streep that definitively is greater (if possible) in a comedy. The story is entertaining, only at the end is sort of rushed into the climax in a not so great way.

The Blind Side - Nice real life story and Sandra Bullock delivers a great performance that will mesmerize you.

An Education - Excellent performance by Carey Mulligan, she totally steals the movie. Great period representation and costumes. Story is predictable, but who cares when Mulligan delivers a remarkable performance.

Didn't enjoy it much, but is entertaining

Up in the Air - Found nothing outstanding, but the story is relevant for current times.

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