Friday, January 15, 2010

67th Golden Globes Awards News

Next Sunday January 17th at 8:00pm ET the always fun-to-watch show will be telecast live on NBC and the extremely good news for me is that I’ll be in the USA and will be able to just turn on the TV and watch! Gee that’s absolutely great as I thought I was going to miss the show.

A few days back a friend asked me for my predictions and well, the Globes have been unpredictable with many surprises, but this year maybe I guess right. So after consulting my crystal ball here they are.

Best Picture Drama: Hurt Locker or Inglourious Basterds. The surprise will be Precious but I didn’t like the movie at all, so I hope there are no surprises.

Best Picture Comedy or Musical: I was hoping for Nine but critics reviews have not been favorable; so I think is going to be Meryl Streep, meaning It’s Complicated or Julie & Julia IF they do not cancel each other. The surprise will be if The Hangover or (500) Days of Summer wins.

Best Actress Drama: Wish Carey Mulligan wins but the huge commercial success of Sandra Bullock’s The Blind Side plus her good interpretation could mean a win. The surprise could be if Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt or Gabourey Sidibe win.

Best Actress Comedy or Musical: Has to be Meryl Streep for Julie & Julia. It’s almost a sure thing. The huge positive surprise for me will be if Marion Cotillard wins and haven’t seen Nine yet.

Best Actor Drama: From buzz Colin Firth should win, but I believe that will be George Clooney. Wish Morgan Freeman will get it for his excellent performance, but I doubt he will win. Also from buzz, the surprise could be Jeff Bridges.

Best Actor Comedy or Musical: Hard to guess but I wouldn’t mind if Daniel Day-Lewis or Robert Downey Jr are honored; still the buzz leans toward Matt Damon.

Best Supporting Actress: Everybody says it will be Mo’nique. Well her character was so disgusting and she did it so well that deserves the honor, at least more than Vera Farmiga or Anna Kendrick. The huge surprise will be if Penelope Cruz wins.

Best Supporting Actor: HAS TO BE Christoph Waltz and he will win, no doubts in my mind.

Best Director: If Kathryn Bigelow or Quentin Tarrantino win I’ll be okay. Gossip says that Bigelow’s ex-husband James Cameron has the votes because the humongous Avatar success. I really wish Clint Eastwood wins, but is not likely this year. The surprise could come with Jason Reitman winning and in my humble opinion he does not deserve the honor for this movie that is ordinary especially when you compare it to extraordinary Juno.

Best Foreign Language Film: HAS TO BE A Prophet or The White Ribbon otherwise I will never watch the show again (just kidding). The huge positive surprise will be if Chile’s La Nana (The Maid) wins and be sure that I’ll drink champagne to celebrate.

Some of you perhaps recall that animated movies are not my thing and the only film that have seen is UP that comes with Cannes credentials and surely will win.

Anyway, not often Globe winners are Oscar winners so the awards value for us viewers is the unpredictable things that always happen during the show and that make me watch year after year. Hope many of you sit in front of the TV next Sunday and have some fun watching the most irreverent awards show in the planet that this year -after many years without- will have a host that I like for his very darkish humor, Rick Gervais.


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