Thursday, December 03, 2009

Harry Brown

If you enjoy Michael Caine performances then this film is definitively for you. With an extraordinary performance like he has not really given lately, Caine does not only save the film but he becomes the film as even when the story is full of violence and is depicted with crude realism you will not be able to take your eyes from the screen until the very end. Not often I’m able to stand watching violent and realistic films, but I watched the film in one very long sigh from the moment the action starts until ends. Amazing! But it was only because Michael Caine.

The film is set on a South London Council estate where tenants are being disturbed and harassed by a young men gang that brutally destroy, hit, shot, etc everything that comes in their way. Two friends Harry (Caine) and Leonard are elderly, living alone in their own flats and share a chess game at the local pub often. Leonard has been harassed and is fed up; Harry tells him to keep calm. But Leonard decides to carry a knife and in the last harassment he reacts. From this moment on you will see how Harry transforms from the disciplined, pacific and law-obeying person into the man that takes the law into his hands. What follows is not Hollywood (thanks!) but a quite realistic portrait of a man than in his youth used to be a marine.

Gosh, I really liked the movie but I know is not for everyone as is really disturbing, violent and with some graphic scenes of very low-lives. So please be advised that only if you really enjoy Great Performances by Michael Caine dare to watch this very realistic UK production that by-the-way has a good/happy end.

Watch it at your own risk and surely you will not be disappointed with Caine’s excellent performance.


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