Thursday, December 03, 2009


I know that Monika Treut films are not for everyone but I have enjoyed watching her docs like Gendernauts and early strange films like Virgin Machine, still I had no real expectations about her latest film and I just reminded me to watch it with an open mind. I had not to worry as this film does not look or feel like the two I mention above, this feels and looks mainstream which is not really a good thing to say about a Treut film. Besides having average cinematography and a crazy ghost story that you guess too early -if you pay attention to a couple of characters that constantly appear- the film for me lost all the good-shocking elements and became quite ordinary.

But if I think only about the lesbian interest genre the story is normal, meaning that tells how Sophie Schmitt meets Ai-ling Chen, fall for each other, share their lives until the inevitable happens (one feels left aside) and tragedy follows. The narrative is non-linear which makes the film a little more interesting, plus Asian actresses are quite attractive. Also on the plus side the film shows the couple cultural contrasts and how no one is willing to acknowledge them in the name of love, which surely ends in a bad way.

So if you haven’t seen any Treut film I imagine that you will easily get involved in the storytelling; but if you have seen her previous work, I suggest you forget about it and go with a clean state of mind as will help you to watch the film and maybe enjoy it. I really wish someone had told me this before watching this movie.

I know that many that read this blog have to watch the movie and I say, go ahead as maybe you will enjoy many of the romance moments. Me, I watched the entire film and can’t say I like it, if I had skipped I would have not missed much.


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