Saturday, October 03, 2009


A nice story and a nice film with vibrant colors that in the first minutes of the film I was already shredding some tears, lol! That’s highly unusual for me in any type of film, much more in an animated film. But when the story evolves becomes sort of less emotional (at least for me) and more fun to watch, even when at moments it became a little boring with too predictable situations.

As many of you already know by now tells about fulfilling your life dreams, those dreams that you left aside because you decide to live your “real” everyday life. But unlike traditional stories, here they have a twist as you will find that after doing what you always dreamed, unexpected life situations can change absolutely everything for you and well, life always goes on and on and on… after reaching your goals.

One thing is hard for me to understand, the reason why this movie was the 2009 Cannes opening film. Besides the excellent display of technology and 3D advancements, I tend to believe that there is nothing much in this movie that could deserve the supreme honor of being the opening film in the most famous and prestigious film festival. Hmm, it’s a great movie that has its place in Cannes, but in my opinion not in the opening night.

Anyway if you want a good moment of escape fun and being able to see the latest technology in animation, then you should watch this film.


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