Wednesday, October 28, 2009


What an unexpected pleasure as this Sergey Dvortsevoy film is a drama that has very gentle comedy, the best is that it made me softly laugh and enjoy a lot more the splendid cinematography, great performances by one actor and many non-actors, and a story that’s refreshing especially from the few films that I have seen that happen in steppes or in the middle of nothing!

Basically tells the story of Asa that after serving in the Russian navy goes back to the steppes and his dream of being a herdsman with his own ranch. To have his dream come true, he has to find a bride and with the help of friends he goes to ask for Tulpan’s hand. But Tulpan doesn’t like Asa, he has way too big ears! Obviously the story is the excuse to show everyday life in the solitude of the Hunger Steppes and you have no idea how desolated Kazakhstan steppes can be; that’s it if you have never seen a film from Mongolia.

Yes most compare this film to other Kazahstan movies that unfortunately haven’t seen, but to me the style (blending reality and fiction), pace, cinematography and story (without the humor) seem similar to Mongolia’s films like The Cave of the Yellow Dog. This comment is only meant as a reference and does not demerit the absolutely well-deserved honors that Tulpan collected since winning the Un Certain Regard award at the 2008 Cannes.

Have to share that everyone talks about one particular scene related to the birth of a sheep. The scene perfectly fits the story, but most of all is like a catharsis to everything that has happened before. Still, be aware that yes it’s a little hard to watch and perhaps is not for the weak of heart.

So if you wish to experience life in a remote and desolated area of the world you have to watch this fantastic movie that will definitively surprise you with the gentle and naïve humor. A must be seen film for everyone that like the word art in their movies.

I waited more than a year to have the opportunity to watch this movie and I had high expectations. The film surpassed my expectations by far as I really enjoyed this drama, comedy, recording of traditions and beautiful scenery; but must of all I absolutely enjoyed the realistic –yet magical- poetry of the visual and narrative storytelling from the debut feature film of a mostly documentary director. Bravo Dvortsevoy!! Hope he does many more movies.

Big Enjoy!!!

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