Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I was really looking forward to watch this film as I do enjoy Ally Sheedy performances and well, knew it was lesbian interest film. Unfortunately this is not Sheedy’s best role or performance, the lesbian interest is interesting… for a minute! and definitively this is the worst triptych I have ever seen.

Tells the story of three women, each belonging to a different generation with Doris (Ruby Dee) in her golden age years, Laurie (Ally Sheedy) in her 40’s and Elizabeth (newcomer Kate Siegel) being 19. Each woman is bitter for different reasons, Doris is preparing herself for the lonely end of her life; Laurie a divorcée that believes her love life is over; and Laurie, who is forced to comply with their severe and Catholic parents or her life at the college dorm is over. All find love and all lose love, but find that life continues no matter what age you are.

If the story sounds kind of interesting maybe it is, but definitively not in this movie where the storytelling is truly awful as for the three stories identical format was used, so an event happens to one woman and the same happens to the other two; then the segments are intertwined with no transitions. The three women meet at a steam bath were they do not much, not even talk (that’s so not realistic).

The lesbian interest story belongs to Laurie and for a while is kind of cute to watch the situations that she lives with Niala, the seduction and when they are learning about each other; but not only is the shortest segment, but also has not so good actors performances, the story turns sour when Niala sleeps with a man and well, maybe if the segment was told alone without the interruptions of the other segments, would have made an average entertaining typical short-to–medium-length film in the genre.

The movie is really bad, especially the awful camera angles/takes of Ally Sheedy that makes her look really odd.

If you decide to skip this movie, be sure that you will not miss much.


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