Thursday, October 08, 2009

October 2009 LGBT Festivals

We know that in October not only the Awards Season starts but also with Autumn in most parts of the world film festivals happen more often. For example there are 8 festivals that are opening just today. The LGBT interest festivals are no exception and during the month the following fests will take place.

Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – Out on Film

Clip! Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (in Albuquerque and Santa Fe)

Reel Affirmations: International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
(in Washington D.C.)

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Pittsburg Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Hamburg International Lesbian and Gay Film festival

Mezipatra – Czech GLBT Film Festival

LESGAICINEMAD: Madrid Lesbian and Gay Film Festival . To watch some trailers from this year fest go here.

Each fest name is a link to their official site and I’m sure there has to be more genre festivals opening this month, but those are enough for today.

As you can imagine the above festivals screen almost the same movies and perhaps the one that could have new movies is the Madrid fest but they do not have their full program published; the lesbian interest films are known to the blog with one exception that you will find in the trailers blog. Still there are a lot of “new” shorts that if you visit the fest sites will find them.

So enjoy reading about movies in the fest sites and no surprise… there are a lot of new gay interest films, sigh!

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