Thursday, October 29, 2009

53rd London Film Festival Award Winners

Last night the fest had the awards ceremony and here are the winners.

Star of London for Best Film: Un Prophète (A Prophet), Jacques Audiard, France
A Prophet has the ambition, purity of vision and clarity of purpose to make it an instant classic,” Angelica Huston, jury President said on behalf of the jury. “With seamless and imaginative story-telling, superb performances and universal themes, Jacques Audiard has made a perfect film.

Special Mention: The Road, John Hillcoat, USA
For breathtaking vision, extraordinary performances and profound political statement.

Star of London for Best British Newcomer: Jack Thorne screenwriter of The Scouting Book for Boys, Tom Harper, UK
Jack Thorne is a poetic writer with an end-of-the-world imagination and a real gift for story-telling. Thorne's substantial authorship is revealed in the unique voices of the film’s characters and the rich, soulful and playful layering of the story.

Southerland Award: Ajami, Yaron Shani ans Scandar Copti, Israel
A bold and original piece of filmmaking, Ajami tells an important story in a thoroughly engrossing and cinematic way. A fantastic achievement, Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani have made a film with a heart and a vision that speaks for a common humanity.

Grierson Award: Defamation, Yoav Shamir, Israel, Austira, USA and Denmark (documentary)

BFI Fellowships: John Hurt and Soulemane Cissé for “their significant achievements in the fields of acting and directing”.

To read the official announcement go here.

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