Friday, September 11, 2009


I was looking forward to watch this film based on Colette novels Chéri and The Last of Chéri and directed by none other than Stephen Frears; but it was a disappointment for the storytelling and performances that definitively were too cold and emotionless in a story that is all about emotions more than anything else. This is story written by a French author that I’m sure would have been totally different if it was a French production.

Still is a true pleasure to watch Michelle Pfeiffer as she looks wonderful until they change her makeup to make her look older; costumes and sets are really good-looking, great photography and in general, excellent production values.

Tells the story of a retired courtesan Lea/Nunu (Michelle Pfeiffer) that does the unthinkable: falls in love! Her love interest is 19 year-old Chéri (Rupert Friend) that was “given” to her by his mother Madame Peloux (Kathy Bates), a courtesan and Lea’s former rival. But after six years together, Madame Peloux wants grandchildren, so she marries Chéri to a young girl. Tragedy unravels slowly.

I have liked most of Colette’s adaptations to movies, like for example Gigi, but this adaptation was too British for my taste which makes less believable and forgettable.

The movie opened at the 2009 Berlinale and I imagine that was in competition for the Golden Bear to honor his director, as the movie really is not worth of being in competition in any festival.

I cannot recommend this film. Still you can give it a try for the great costumes, sets and a great looking Michelle Pfeiffer.

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