Saturday, September 12, 2009

6th Venice Days Award Winner

Yesterday the Europa Cinemas Label Award for Best European Film in Venice Days section was announced and here it is.

Best Film: De Laastste Dagen Van Emma Blank (The Last Days of Emma Blank), Alex van Warmerdam, Netherlands

The jury issued the following statement: “The film takes a deliciously tragic-comic look at greed, manipulation and power at the heart of a family. Ironic and nightmareish at times, the director directs his cast with great skill and unerringly makes all the right tonal decisions. He manages to make his depiction of a family in a very Dutch setting seem universal. This is a true auteur’s film but avoids pretension entirely. We trust that our awarding of the Label to this film will contribute to it attaining the wide European audience it deserves.” It was an unanimous decision.

Read the announcement here.

Watch trailer @ Movie On Companion

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