Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kærlighed på film (Just Another Love Story)

Changing your life, even if it happens by accident, can have consequences that you didn't predict at all.

Jonas has a “normal” life – married, kids, and the usual routine – and a not so normal job. Suddenly a set of events he did not initiate will completely transform everything. Jonas can't resist the thrill of what seems to be a new start, a new chance in life that comes along with a new name. The problem is that the new life brings a past of it's own. Jonas doesn't want to live in mediocrity, but there is a price to pay. “Just Another Love Story” is everything but just another love story, and yet it is just another love story. Confused? Go on, watch the movie!

Swedish actress Rebecka Hemse and Danish actress Charlotte Fish are absolutely perfect and so is Anders Berthelsen, playing the conflicted Jonas. Hemse's performance as a woman going through a very difficult situation both physically and psychologically is brilliant and manages to avoid the traps of overacting. I almost forgot to mention Nikolaj Lie Kaas since he only plays a small (but important) part in this movie, but how unfair that would have been. This actor has won several awards both as best actor or best supporting actor and I think that says it all.

The danish production from director Ole Bornedal won some awards and was even nominated for the Sundance Festival Grand Jury Prize. I can not praise too much the cinematography and the editing. The ability to play with light and technique produces some beautiful frames. At times we are transported to a world that is not real, but that happens at the right moment. The soundtrack also fits in perfectly, adding to the movie without becoming the protagonist.

There are several layers to this movie that at times seems to explore the anguishes of life, and then it is a thriller with characters with mysterious pasts. Because of the way the story unfolds, I was mesmerized until the last second. The movie is very well balanced and can be ironic, dark, dramatic, surprising, intense. Anyway, it was a pleasure.

Green light!

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