Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

As a cinephile that I wish to be, I’m not proud to admit that I watched this movie; but some of you know about my eclectic taste. Still, this time I didn’t watch this movie because my taste, I did it because now I’m the new co-owner and co-caretaker of a real Chihuahua! So I had to inaugurate my new "position" by watching this movie.

The movie is kind of silly, but have to say that did entertain me even when I couldn’t help to notice the huge amount of inaccuracies, but I suppose that’s common in movies that are fantasy. Still I do not approve, especially when kids will repeat the inaccuracies like for example The Aztecs in Chihuahua!!! Gosh, too much.

Had NO idea that Piper Perabo and Jamie Lee Curtis were in the movie or that the lead character Chloe voice is Drew Barrymore and well, it was a surprise to find them in this movie, but they have to work and bet you made a lot of money (if they have a percentage on earnings) as the movie made over the US$100 million mark domestic and international, not counting the dvd market and I’m a proud owner of a Blu-ray for this movie… lol! (What dog’s make you do, isn’t?)

Many people have told me that a dog could change your life. I’m happy to say that it has changed my life so much that I even watched this movie!!!

I do recommend this movie only to Chichuahua owners and kids of all ages that like silly dog stories.


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