Monday, July 27, 2009

Second Life

Not often I have the opportunity to watch a mainstream movie from Portugal and I admit that I was curious. So for pure entertainment purposes I gave a try to this film and have to say that is one beautiful to watch film because quite extraordinary locations in Portugal and Italy. But besides the locations there is not much else in the movie.

The story is sort of a whodunnit? (or well written, who done it?) that starts with the dead guy watching his body from above and with non-linear narrative tells his life in Portugal and we see the too inconsequential and sexually charged small group of friends that attend his birthday party moments before he dies. After we find who or what killed him and we think the movie is finally over, we see a moment of choices in the past and the other life starts this time in Italy.

You could say that the story is interesting, that even all the questions we get as viewers are interesting, but the total film is not and is a shame, as I believe the idea behind the story is good.

There is something that I like in this movie and that many other filmmakers should emulate. The movie is in English, Portuguese and Italian, the real languages with no fake awful accents, as should be if the story is set in Portugal and Italy, and the lead character mother tongue is English. So refreshing to not hear one language that does not fit time or place.

One last comment for one blog reader. The film has some sex scenes but they are really not pleasant to watch and yes the scenes are with two women; I cannot call the scenes of lesbian interest as they look like -and are- targeted to men.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend this movie, but if by any chance you want to see acceptable good-looking actors and fantastic locations in Portugal, then give it a try.

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