Saturday, July 18, 2009


Probably this movie is going to be the only summer –alike- movie that I’ll watch this year. Decided to watch because I really like Ali Larter and wanted to see what she did in this movie. To my surprise the only female lead that the movie really has is Ali, as Beyonce has so little screen time that I was so glad as her histrionic abilities are really on the bad side of the acting spectrum.

This is a very predictable film that you can guess everything before it happens; it is so predictable that I started to play a game where I say: now they are going to do this and that’s what exactly happened next. The story is so similar to Fatal Attraction, but here there is no consummation of “something” and one of the plot keywords IMDb uses to describe this movie is “Non Statuary Female On Male Rape Attempt”! Oh gosh, sounds so sensationalist that makes me laugh, but yes the story is about a woman (Ali) that becomes obsessed with a married man up to the point of (silly) madness. The trick is that you have to use your imagination to understand why she becomes obsessed -and you know I do not mind filling gaps at all- but in this movie I simply was not interested as I liked Ali Larter performance for more than half the movie and was enjoying a lot watching her. So, who cares why her character does what she does? Not me.

Like someone said, the script prepares everything for the climax that comes in the last minutes of the film when Sharon (Beyonce) and Lisa (Ali) have a very dull and predictable catfight and supposedly is the great Beyonce scene. Gee, it was so bad and not credible that I wish they had another actress playing Sharon!

Anyway this movie is only “watchable” if you like Ali Larter and for more half the movie you will definitively enjoy her character and performance.


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