Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson

One of the extraordinary things about having blogs is that I can voice my opinions about whatever touches me. Here I do it about movies. But today I stopped everything I was doing to watch Michael Jackson Memorial and I was touched by what many dare to call a show, but I see it as a sober and sad/cheerful ceremony, that impressed me because the respect shown by people who where at the Staples Center.

I still remember the televised ceremony for Princess Diana and the silence that I believed was because they were in a Church. But this was no church and people were so silent, so quiet, so respectful that it touched me. Also some of the people speaking about him -more about the human being and less about the entertainer- really humanized him to my eyes. That was impressive. Then some songs -that seem written for the occasion- were really sad and brought tears to my eyes, most performers were so respectful that their performances were truly remarkable, even when I do not particularly like them in their regular performances. Really touching.

I grew up with The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Both are gone, but their music will live forever. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

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