Monday, July 27, 2009

Lille Soldat (Little Soldier)

A very minimalist movie that allows you to see and hear just enough for you to get an idea of what soldiers coming back from war live, what life prostitutes could have and the consequences of a dysfunctional father-daughter relationship. It will be up to you what to do/think with/about the information, as the film and story will only tell but will not make easy to digest the information by giving an opinion or message.

This Annette K. Olesen film tells the story of Lotte and Lily. Lotte is the soldier and Lily is the prostitute. Lotte came back from war bruised, traumatized and numb. The real Lily is also bruised, traumatized and numb; but she has a different and more pleasant face (mask?) for the boss –that’s Lotte’s father- and for her clients. A face probably very alike to the face Lotte had while she was in Iraq. In the end the father/boss relationship is what really makes both feel and be really alone. Yes is a complex mirrored story of so opposite characters not so easy to get, but if you’re sensible for women stories I know you will easily get it.

I usually pay no or low attention to music in movies; this movie is the exception as has one of the most outstanding music scores I have hear lately, is so good that even I had to notice and is no surprise that the composer won a Special Award at the 2009 Bodil Awards. Really remarkable and outstanding!

Technical specs are impeccable with top performances by actors, especially by one of the most admired actresses in Denmark, Trine Dyrholm that plays Lotte. But what has been called “a great find” -as she's a British TV actress- is who really steals the movie; Lorna Brown’s performance as Lily is truly compelling and remarkable.

The movie won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the 2009 Berlinale and was in competition for the Golden Bear. Also was nominated for Best Film and Best Director at the 2009 Robert Awards and the 2009 Bodil Awards. Honors that truly deserve for a great emotional cinematic experience especially driven by the tough story, great performances that hardly express any emotion (but you will feel emotions), bare excellent cinematography and a great filmmaker and storyteller.

I said I was not going to watch serious cinema, but who can resist? Apparently, not me. I’m so glad that I changed my mind, as this was a movie that captured my total attention since the very dark first screen up to the magnificent finale with an extraordinary long take. In between I was totally mesmerized by actors performances, story development and the remarkable music score.

I highly recommend this film to those that enjoy serious cinema with compelling (and complex mirrored) stories about women.


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