Friday, July 03, 2009

56th Pula Film Festival

The fest will run from July 18 to 25 at this quite nice city in Croatia. Here are the films in the National Competition.

Blizine (Closeness), Zdravko Mustac
Covjek ispod stola (The Man Under the Table), Neven Hitrec
Crnci (The Blacks), Zvonimir Juric and Goran Devic
Kenjac (Donkey), Antonio Nuic
Ljubavni život domobrana (Love Life of Sluggard aka Love Life of a Gentle Coward), Pavo Marinkovic
Metastaze (Metastases), Branko Schmidt
Penelopa (Penelope), Ben Ferris (seems interesting)
U zemlji cudesa (The Land of Wonders), Dejan Sorak
Vjerujem u andjele (I Believe in Angels), Niksa Svilicic
Zagrebačke priče (Zagreb Tales), omnibus by 9 directors

To check info about each movie go here.

With emphasis in French cinema the International Program -or 5th edition of the Europolis-Meridians Program- will screen some new and not so new films; here are some of the films in this program.

Eden à l'Ouest (Eden is West), Costa Gravas, France, Italy and Greece. 2009
Bellamy, Claude Chabrol, France, 2009
La Barbe Bleue (Bluebeard), Catherine Breillat, France, 2009
The Countess, Julie Delpy, France and Germany, 2009 (yep, must be seen with Anamaria Marinca!)
Cheri, Stephen Frears, UK, France and Germany, 2009
Le Tueur (The Killer), CédricAnger, France, 2007
Plennyy (Captive) Alesksei Uchitel, Russia and Bulgaria, 2008

To read about the other films in this section go here.

This year the festival introduces the European Film Directors cycle and the first retrospective is dedicated to Pedro Almodovar with some of his films since 1982 up to 1999.

To browse the fest site go here.

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