Sunday, July 12, 2009

16th Melbourne International Film Festival

The fest will run from July 24 to August in Melbourne, Autralia. Called by many “the most significant film event in Australia” this year has another large (really large) program with many films organized by categories and here are the categories.

Accelerator Shorts
Animation Gallery
Animation Shorts
Anna Karina
Arts and Minds
Australian Post-punk
Documentary Shorts
Eros + Massacre (interesting!)
Exp/Concept/VideoArt Shorts
Fiction Shorts
International Panorama
Neighborhood Watch
Next Gen
Night Shift
Premiere Fund
Special Events
The End of Europe: New Balkan Cinema (there is one Romanian movie that seems interesting: Munta Muta (Silent Wedding), Horatiu Malaele, Romania, Luxembourg and France, 2008)
The Primal Screen
Vengeance is Mine
Young Blood

To check info about the films go here and/or check the catalogue here.

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