Saturday, June 20, 2009

La Mujer del Anarquista (The Anarchist’s Wife)

This is a Germany, Spain and France co production directed by French Marie Noelle and German Peter Sehr that I was really hoping will be different to regular movies about the Spanish Civil War, but unfortunately is as melodramatic as all the ones I have seen made only in Spain.

Co written by Noelle and inspired on her grandmother story the film is supposed to be a love story more than about the war; but honestly thanks to bad script, bad makeup, bad performances and bad directing (looks more like a made for TV movie) the film looks and feels more like a bad movie about the war than anything else.

But there was something that made me jump from my seat, a few seconds with Laura Morante in bed with another woman!!! Gee, that was totally unexpected and never imagined to see Morante playing lesbian on the screen. Just for these few seconds is that I’m writing about this movie. But the scene is so short that if you blink you will miss it.

Definitively not a movie I can recommend.

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