Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Young Victoria

There are many films about Queens with the name Elizabeth and a few about older Queen Victoria, but as far as I can remember there are not many films about young Queen Victoria and you can say that I’m no History buff, so this film totally surprised me when I was watching such a great love story the Queen lived and from now on my perceptions about the mostly portrayed as severe sovereign have changed forever.

I do not know the extend of the film accuracy and inaccuracy (and I really do not want to know), but one thing I know, this film is very entertaining, romantic, and quite well performed by a great cast that includes Emily Blunt (Young Victoria), Paul Bettany (Lord Melbourne) and Rupert Friend (Prince Albert) in the lead roles; has interesting editing, great costumes/period recreation and a director plus a script writer that decided to concentrate on the romance tale with minimum reference to the political battles that abound in UK History and plagued Queen Victoria before and soon after her ascension to the throne. This makes the film quite different to many monarchy related films and makes it quite interesting to watch; especially if in your cinema mind when you think about Queen Victoria, you think Judi Dench in Mrs. Brown.

I’m still thinking about: who could have guessed that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had such a lovely and romantic story? Not me. To me that’s the story this films tells: how young Victoria meets, slowly falls in love and marries Prince Albert. Blunt and Friend have great chemistry in the screen which makes their characters romance not only credible but more “romantic” to watch.

Definitively if you’re in the mood to entertain yourself with a really romantic well-done period drama then I do recommend this film and probably you will also be surprised by the good movie quality (Martin Scorsese is one of the producers) and the great love story.


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