Saturday, May 02, 2009

Le Crime est Notre Affaire (Crime Is Our Business)

Not really fond of Agatha Christie adaptations -except for a few excellent films from UK- so I was surprised to see that this film is an adaptation of Christie’s novels, but the key word is really “free” (more than loose) adaptation as keeps the Beresfords but adds something that well is perhaps unique: French humor! More surprised was when discovered that three years ago Pascal Thomas did the first Beresfords movie with the same actors Catherine Frot and Andre Dussollier. No, I’m not going to watch the first film, as honestly I do not enjoy French humor.

But, if you enjoy French humor then you have to see this movie as well, okay, I’ll admit it, I laugh quite a lot with the crazy things that both Prudence Beresford (Frot) and Le Colonel Belisaire Beresford (Dussollier) do. But when they’re not around the movie becomes a little bit tedious and the last third of the movie was not funny anymore and yes, it was boring.

Performances besides the lead two actors are truly unremarkable and forgettable, even when had interesting actors like Chiara Mastroianni, her half brother Christian Vadim and Hippolyte Girardot. Tech specs are great with good recreation of everything a murder mystery needs including the gothic mansion, ominous looking estate, sinister family, etc.

If you are wondering why I watched this movie let me share the reason why. Catherine Frot was nominated for best actress in the 2009 Cesar Awards and was the only film I haven’t seen from all the Best Actresses nominations. I believe that her nomination is well deserved as she does a great performance and has excellent chemistry with Andre Dussollier.

I suggest this movie only to those that enjoy the particular and peculiar style of French humor.


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