Sunday, May 24, 2009

French Nouvelle Vague

Some of you know my true passion for French cinema that started a long time ago, hasn’t stopped and will continue to be as always as I live.

But not many have the opportunity to get to know and “understand” how great French cinema was, is and will always be. If you wish to start learning about it, -thanks to Cannes official site- I found an interesting place to start your learning, as is all about the French Nouvelle Vague and international cinema of the 1950’s, 60s and 70s. If you feel like having an immersion go New Wave Film.

Actually you should start earlier, but I haven’t found a site as good as the above to get French cinema “education” before the 50’s. Still there is another good site that has the “History of Film” since the 1930s, but focuses on American cinema. Nevertheless there are in the many sections references to French and other countries cinema. To check the site go Filmsite.

If you browse the Cannes site you will find more links to cinema related sites.

This year the Cannes site really improved beyond expectations, not only had great graphic identity, high bandwidth that allowed great videos in one place, but also opened to include and suggest information sources to cinephiles and cinema fans. Seems that Cannes really understood that Internet has become THE vehicle to reach the real large audiences. Bravo! Again, great job and Thank You Cannes!

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