Friday, May 29, 2009

Absolutely Great News

Some of you maybe remember that my favorite serious Cannes site was, which I browse in French regularly for “good” stuff. But today I found the excellent news about the launching of ARTE Live Web that as the site says: C’est nouveau, gratuit, légal et sans pub!!! (It’s new, free, legal and no ads)

Yes the site opens perhaps the best place in the entire net to watch “good” stuff. Here are some examples.

Des vidéos des spectacles en exclusivité et les premiers directs d'ARTE Live Web :
- le 28 et 29 mai d'Art Rock à Saint-Brieuc : Get Well Soon, Cold War Kids, Birdy Nam Nam
- le 1er juin à Baden-Baden, Le Freischütz, l'opéra romantique de Weber monté par Bob Wilson et dirigé par Thomas Hengelbrock
- le 05 juin, troisième concert de L'Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France avec au programme Chausson et Bernstein à la salle Pleyel
- le 06 juin, premier concert chanson française : Imbert Imbert de la salle mythique des Trois Baudets.

Okay no movies (-sigh-), but great concerts and even one opera that I know at least four of my known readers will not miss the opera and the concerts.

Today they have a promo with shows that will come (there will be theater too!) that you can watch here.

If you feel like watching “good” stuff now you have the place to do it and you can start by watching Cold War Kids at the Saint-Brieuc Art Rock Festival (starts in about 3 hours live!) or any of the videos they already have available here.

As you will notice at their site, it opened yesterday and we will be able to watch LIVE (en direct) many events, so now those that haven’t done it yet, will be imperative to connect your computer to a TV to enjoy the “good” stuff the best way you can.

Me, I have no idea where to start… perhaps Jazz! See you later! Oops! The first thing is to register… done! You don’t have to register to watch the videos, but this is a site that’s absolutely worth it to register and get the newsletter and whatever else they will send.

As I mentioned I browse the site in French, but the other language available is German, so you have your choice. Unfortunately there is no English, but we are talking about videos, so I do not see much problem.

Big Enjoy!!!

PSSSS… I’m finding “good” stuff

On June 5 will be available Le Journal d’une fille perdue, a cine-concert based on the 1929 film by Wilhem Pabst you can check it here.

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