Saturday, May 30, 2009

8th Transylvania International Film Festival

The TIFF 09 started on May 29 and will run until June 7 at Cluj Napoca, Romania and here are the films in competition.

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures , Chris Waitt, UK, 2008 (documentary)
A Festa da Menina Morta (The Dead Girl’s Feast), Matheus Nachtergaele, Brazil, 2009
Alle Anderen (Everyone Else), Maren Ade, Germany, 2009
Amanecer de un Sueño (Awaking from a Dream), Feedy Mas Franqueza, Spain and Poland, 2008
Bahrtalo! (Good Luck!), Robert Lakatos, Hungary, Romania, Germany and Austria, 2008
J'irai dormir à Hollywood (Hollywood I’m Sleeping Over Tonight), Antoine de Maximy, France, 2008 (comedy in English and French… sort of reality show, perhaps, trailer tells me that I probably will watch)
Kabuli Kid, Barmak Akram, France and Afghanistan, 2008
La Nana (The Maid), Sebastian Silva, Chile and Mexico, 2008
Machan, Uberto Pasolini, Sri Lanka, Italy and Germany, 2008
Gitmek: Benim Marlon ve Brandom (My Marlon and Brando), Huseyin Karbey, Turkey, 2008
Nord (North), Rune Denstad Langlo, Norway, 2009
Politist, adjectiv (Police, Adjectiv) Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania, 2009

The opening film is none other than Tales from the Golden Age, produced by Christian Mungiu.

Too many comedies in the official selection for my taste, but there are many more interesting films in all the different sections. Of course the one that gets my attention is Romanian Days, but also interesting is the film that will be screen in the Dutch Female Directors section and one documentary from Iran called 7 Blind Women Filmmakers.

To check all the films go here. Claudia Cardinale, Israeli producer Menahem Golan, Romanian actor Florin Piersic, Romanian director Dan Pita, and Romanian actor Mircea Albulescu will be recieve honos and Lifetime Achievent Awards, to read the article go here. If you want to practice your Romanian (he,he… I do!), then check some videos here, and you can see Christian Mungiu talking in Ziua 1 (Day 1).

And lucky Romanians will also have the opportunity of early watching Cannes films as The Antichrist and Fanny Ardant’s Cendres et Sang (Ashes and Blood), check news here. Oh gosh, if I could only practice my Romanian in Romania!!! I almost went once, but unfortunately I lost all credit cards in Berlin (gee, very stupid incident…) and had to suspend my trip! Well, I’ll get there eventually.

I suggest you browse the fest site as there are many interesting activities and you can watch the fest live camera.

To watch some trailers from the fest go Movie On Companion

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