Saturday, May 23, 2009

41st Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - Directors Fortnight Awards Winners

I’m a little bit confused, as news are not in one place. But I’ll share what I have found from the awards that have been already announced and will update if more awards are announced.

Feature Films

Art Cinema Award: J’ai tué ma mère, Xavier Dolan, Canada, 2009
Special Mention: De helaasheid der dingen (La Merditude des Choses), Felix Van Groeningen, Belgium, 2009

Regards Jeunes Prize: J’ai tué ma mère, Xavier Dolan, Canada, 2009

SACD Prize: J’ai tué ma mère, Xavier Dolan, Canada, 2009

Label Europa Cinemas: La Pivellina, Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel, Austria and Italy, 2009

I had no doubt that Dolan's movie had to be extraordinary!

Short Films

SFR Award: Montparnasse, Mikhaël Hers, France

To read the official release go here.

As we know the Quinzaine has reprisses and these are the cities and dates. For more info about each city screening check the site.

Paris – From May 27 to June 6
Marseille – From May 26 to 31
Rome – From June 5 to 11
Milan – From June 10 to 16
Brussels – From June 24 to July 1

I know that some of my known readers will not miss the great opportunity to watch as many as possible of the great films and the many gay interest films screened in this Cannes parallel section. Lucky you all!!

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