Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19th Annual Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival

From May 14 to 24 this prestigious fest will take place again in Toronto and as far as I’m able to find in their not really user-friendly site, they will screen many LGBT films, but also other films that do not belong to the genre and while this is highly unusual, I believe that’s a great opportunity for fest goers to watch great films, especially one in the section called Focus on France, the fabulous –newly restored- 1956 Oscar-winning short film The Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse.

Lamorisse’s short film is also part of the Children’s Program that is an outstanding initiative addressed primarily –but not only- to kids from non-traditional households that not only is free for children 10 and under, screens three films but also has a special event inspired by The Red Balloon that yes, has something do to with real red balloons. Simply great and truly remarkable to find a film fest that thinks about children from non-traditional households.

Right now I don’t have the time to browse the non user-friendly site (have to say it again!), but there are many films in the lesbian interest genre that I’m not familiar with and I assume are short films. As soon as I’m able to check the 70+ films in the genre I’ll share if there are “new-to-the-blog” feature films. But if you want to check the list go here.

Have to say that also there are some interesting films that belong to the gay interest label, especially the ones in the Focus on France program. I’ll try to also list them later.

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