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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

15th Slamdance Film Festival

Running concurrently to Sundance the fest will screen 29 movies from first time directors, with 20 films from USA, 4 from Canada, 3 from UK and 2 from Europe. The fest has the following sections: Narrative Features, Documentaries, Special Screenings, Twilight Screenings, and Shorts.

Here are the films in the Narrative Feature Competition

The Ante
Max Perrier (Director), Danek S. Kaus, James Chancellor & Simon Perrier (Writers)
West Coast Premiere, Black Comedy/Thriller, 2006, CANADA, 82 minutes
An innocent man becomes the killer everyone wants him to be when he gambles with his freedom in order to save it.

A Quiet Little Marriage
Mo Perkins (Director/Writer)
Utah Premiere, Drama, 2008, USA, 83 minutes. Cast: Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Cy Carter, Jimmi Simpson.
A loving young couple square off against each other in a covert, domestic battleground of their own making.

City Rats
Steve M. Kelly (Director), Simon Fantauzzo (Writer)
World Premiere, Drama, 2008, UK, 96 minutes. Cast: Susan Lynch, Kenny Doughty, Tamer Hassan.
A modern day Dickensian tale of eight haunted people who meet and fall apart while searching for redemption in each other.

I Sell the Dead (Opening Night Film)
Glenn McQuaid (Director/Writer)
US Premiere, Horror/Black Comedy, 2008, USA, 85 minutes. Cast: Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman, Angus Scrimm, Larry Fessenden.
Set in the late 1800’s, a duo of bumbling graverobbers begin to unearth peculiar corpses.

Mississippi Damned
Tina Mabry (Director/Writer)
World Premiere, Drama, 2009, USA, 120 minutes. Cast: DB Woodside, Malcolm David Kelly, Malcolm Goodwin, Tessa Thompson, Michael Hyatt.
Three poor Black kids in rural Mississippi reap the consequences of their family’s cycle of abuse, addiction, and violence.

Ingrid Veninger & Simon Reynolds (Directors/Writers)
US Premiere, Coming of Age Drama, 2008, CANADA, 74 minutes
One day shared between a young boy and girl, whose story unfolds as a luminous and lyrical study of pre-teen ennui and loneliness.

Punching the Clown
Gregori Viens (Director), Henry Phillips & Gregori Viens (Writers)
World Premiere, Comedy, 2008, USA, 90 minutes. Cast: Henry Phillips
A satirical songwriter comes to LA and puts his life’s work in jeopardy.

Son of the Sunshine
Ryan Ward (Director/Writer)
World Premiere, Drama, 2008, CANADA, 95 minutes. Cast: Ryan Ward
After an experimental surgery seems to curb the symptoms of his Tourette’s Syndrome, a young man (played by writer/director Ryan Ward) must confront the complexities of his life head on.

Drake Doremus (Director), Lindsay Stidham (Writer)
World Premiere, Comedy, 2008, USA, 83 minutes. Cast: Matthew Lillard, Nora Zehetner, Shea Whigham, Christopher McDonald.
Facing eviction from his parent’s home on his 30th birthday, a thoroughly average guy meets the girl of his dreams and creates his own rules for growing up.

You Might As Well Live
Simon Ennis (Director), Simon Ennis & Josh Peace (Writers)
World Premiere, Comedy, 2008, CANADA, 82 minutes. Cast: Michael Madsen, Stephen McHattie, Joshua Peace.
Robert R. Mutt, town loser, sets out to attain the three keys to success - money, a girl, and a championship ring.

To check the films in the other sections go here.

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