Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Un Amour A Taire (A Love to Hide)

This 2005 made for TV drama is an excellent portrait of gays, romance, jealousy, greed, remorse and pain that many families probably lived during the 40’s in Europe. It is truly an impeccable movie by Christian Faure with high production values and very good actors performances, especially when it’s a movie done for TV.

Inspired by the 1994 non-fiction book “Moi, Pierre Seel, Déporté Homosexuel”, the movie is set in 1942 occupied Paris and tells the story of two brothers, the older gay and the younger a black sheep, living the war times as best (or as bad) as the can. But this is the excuse to show you in a very sensible way what happened to gay men during WWII (those wearing the pink triangle), what many greedy nationals did to Jews properties left behind, hiding Jews, the lengths of love, the family rejection of homosexuals sons and siblings, German and resistance collaboration, and when the war is over the consequences to all actions during those awful times.

What makes it interesting is that has so many stories going on that almost covers all possible situations that people could have lived during the war making the movie very mainstream. But this is a gay movie telling a good, credible and tragic romance about two men and with a very clear message, to let everyone know what many homosexual men had to live during the war.

When the movie aired on French TV was watched by almost 6 million people and was the second most watched program of the evening. I mention this because I do admire a gay movie that goes mainstream and is watched by many more people than the natural target. This is exactly what lesbian interest movies still cannot totally do.

Anyway it is very emotional, a bit melodramatic and you will shred a tear or more at the end, so be sure to have tissues nearby. In a way it reminded me of Brokeback Mountain, not only because the movie was excellent and mainstream, but also because the romance and love between Jean, Phillipe and Sara/Yvonne is very well developed.

The film went to win 5 awards at the 2005 Luchon Television Film Festival and the Best Film at the 2005 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

This is a film that I highly recommend especially to those that like the gay interest genre, but since is such a good drama and movie, I know that adult general audiences could enjoy it and I suggest them to give it a try.


P.S. If you’re interested in learning more and reading an excerpt of the book by Pierre Seel and Jean Le Bitoux go here available only in French.

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