Friday, October 31, 2008

Il Divo

Yes, I saw this Paolo Sorrentino acclaimed film but for the first time since I started the blog I have no words to review this movie as I really liked the film but how do you review this film? I have no idea, so I’ll improvise.

As some of you know the film is about Giulio Andreotti perhaps the most famous Italian politico still alive. He’s so alive that saw the movie and according to some was annoyed, while others say he was disgusted; no matter what really happened, Sorrentino accomplished something quite special, got a reaction from Giulio Andreotti and as Sorrentino says, that was his best reward for a film that nobody wanted to produce.

I believe that I’m an “informed” person as yes, I have, I do and I will consume tons of information from allover the world. So, I’m somehow familiar with the Italian incidents presented in the few decades covered; but definitively I’m no Italian politics expert and somehow I feel that you really have to have much more information than the one I have, as yes, I got lost with all the name dropping and the constant appearance of more characters. But then, I was able to follow what I believe is the main story line that is about the full of ironic remarks impenetrable enigma that Andreotti is in real life, all shown with the smoke screen carefully orchestrated by himself and his entourage.

The essence of the story is politics, Italian style; but this is not a film that non-Italians will discuss because what is shown, suggested or left as questions; no, this is a film that any cinephile has to see for the unique style, the most outstanding cinematography, framing, editing and the absolute superb performance by Toni Servillo that did not performed Andreotti, he channeled Andreotti, he is Andreotti… but at the same time he looks and behaves like someone that could scare you more than any movie monster that you see in horror films.

I have to admit that I do understand Italian and definitively is a big plus to grab the distilled irony of some Andreotti remarks that somehow I imagine come in the screenplay directly from Andreotti himself. Watching Servillo saying those remarks is unbelievably outstanding. Still, I imagined watching this movie with no sound and I believe that it would be a mesmerizing experience just watching the visuals, the only thing I will really miss is the music score that it is outstanding with the likes of Vivaldi, Sibelius, Saint-Saëns to the amazing Pavane by Gabriel Fauré and including a Brazilian Batucada!

I know I will see this movie more times, but I have to let some time pass by. For some inexplicable reason I feel this movie will become a new addition to classic cinema masterpieces, not necessarily for the story it tells, but for everything that is shown and how it is shown. This is truly an impressive and unusual masterpiece. Big Chapeau to Sorrentino!

But if I go back to earth and be real, this is not an easy movie to watch for many reasons and I know that non-Italians could have a very hard time watching this movie. Still I highly recommend this movie to true cinephiles and serious cinema lovers as a must be seen film.

The film has and probably will continue to collect accolades and honors in fests and awards, including being screened in competition for the Palm d’Or at the 2008 Cannes were won the Jury Prize.


PS: Oops! I was forgetting to mention something important: Fanny Ardant is for a few minutes in this movie; but what an appearance, fabulous!!!

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