Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 Middle East International Film Festival Award Winners

Yesterday the fest announced the award winners of this very “rich” festival and here they are.

Black Pearl for Best Narrative Film: Disgrace, Steve Jacobs, Australia and South Africa, 2008 (award is worth US$200,000)

Black Pearl for Best Actress: Ilham Shaheen for Khaltet Fawzia (Fawzia: A Special Blend), Magdi Ahmed Ali, Egypt
Black Pearl for Best Actor: Luca Zingaretti for Sanguepazzo (Wild Blood), Marco Tullio Giordana, Italy

Black Pearl for Best Artistic Contribution: Rashid Masharawi for Eid Milad Laila (Laila’s Birthday), Rashid Masharawi, Palestine, Tunisia and Netherlands

To check all the award winners go here.

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