Monday, October 13, 2008

16th Radiance Film Festival Award Winners

This festival is dedicated to Independent cinema from UK and the world. Will run from October 1 to 12 at London’s West End and here are the films nominated to receive awards.

UK Feature
*The Blue Tower, Smitha Bhide
Dummy, Matthew Thompson
Flick, David Howard
Senseless, Simon Hynd
*Zebra Crossings, Samuel Holland, Audience Award Winner

International Feature
*Estômago, Marcos Jorge, Brazil (well, the film description made me want to see this one)
Zenzen daijobu (Fine, Totally Fine), Yôsuke Fujita, Japan
Goliath, David Zellner, USA
Turneja (The Tour), Goran Markovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia
Watch Out, Steve Balderson, USA (tells the life of Jonathan Barrows, a young, intelligent, prospective professor who, completely repulsed by both sexes, falls in love with himself …shocking social satire that is definitely not for the faint hearted. Have to see this!).

Debut Feature
No Through Road, Sam Barrett, Australia
*Production Office, Deborah Marks and Steve Solomos, Canada (What’s this?? Seems interesting)
PVC-1, Spiros Stathoulopoulos, Colombia
La Cáscara (The Rind), Carlos Amegio, Uruguay (have to see this!)
This World of Ours, Ryo Nakajima, Japan
Who is KK Downey?, Pat Kiely and Darren Curtis, Canada

To read about other categories and the awards that will be given go here.

One interesting section of this fest is The Short Circuit Award that is a new short film competition created by to search for budding new talent. Filmmakers upload their 60 second short films to the Dailymotion website, where they will be judged by a panel of esteemed industry professionals, led by director Michael Winterbottom [24 Hour Party People, The Road to Guantanamo]. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 8th October at a gala screening of the 10 shortlisted finalists, held at the Rex Cinema in London. To check the site go here.

Update: The awards were announced and you can see them above with an asterisk (*); to check all the award winners go here.

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