Friday, September 05, 2008

Street Kings

Not really the kind of movie that I enjoy but I decided to give it a try just because Keanu Reeves was starring. Well, the movie is an absolutely brutal look at police corruption with lots of violence and the usual god/bad cop story that perhaps because the incredible amount of violence didn’t had time to think about the end, but I believe that the story is highly predictable.

Tells about veteran cop Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) that after the death of his wife is a true violent and lawless cop and his unit has to cover and “clean” him for everything he does. But eventually he starts to question the loyalties of his unit members and is sort of manipulated by Internal Affairs into “open” his eyes to what really is happening.

This is what the industry calls a financial success, as with a low budget (20 million) was able to triplicate it at gross revenue. Probably it helps that the cast includes Forrest Whitaker and Hugh Laurie.

Unless you really enjoy violent crime dramas I suggest you stay away from it.

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