Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Speed Racer

As I continue in my entertaining mood, I decided to give this movie a try just because is a movie by the Watchowski brothers, that I really like to see their films as they marvel me with the latest novelties in technical specifications like happened in the first Matrix; their not breakthrough tech specs movies, well most I do not like that much.

I truly thought this was a movie for kids and as I started to watch I decided that is a movie for those that like to play video games (i.e. mostly men); but as I reached about the middle of the movie I got the rush and was totally engaged in the visuals, the effects and the thrills of the story. Think that I just had to get used to the visuals that truly look like virtual reality and stop wondering how they did everything, to start enjoying the magic of this movie.

The story is very simple, predictable and with a simple message that I sort of liked: “cheaters always loose”. But I also liked how hard they hit the commercial “establishment” of huge corporations in any industry. That was fun to watch for me.

I know that they’re doing animation, but to my eyes this is a very different type of animation that looks and feels so alive, an effect that they also greatly achieved by using the really shiny colors. I imagine that as happened after the Matrix, others in the future will emulate the technique, as the possibilities are endless.

I suppose this is an entertainment movie with a story that seems does not appeal to many. Perhaps because at times it was too “sweet” and melodramatic, but I believe this is not a movie to watch for the story or the performances. This is a movie to watch for the amazing and outstanding technical specs that include not only the animation but also the editing, the truly fast pace (who knows how many frames per minute some scenes have) and the humans flawless integration into the animation.

If you are interested in understanding trend setting tech specs definitively this is a movie for you that as soon as you can accommodate your eyes to everything that happens in the screen, you could be entertained with a nice fast adrenaline rush.

I’m absolutely sure that most young men could enjoy the movie, if they don’t care much about the story and just want to enjoy the amazing virtual reality alike visuals that truly resemble many video games. I wonder about women, young or not, I tend to believe that the visuals are too much for their eyes and head. Still I suggest that if you haven’t seen it to give it a try.

When the movie was over I had the feeling of having charged all my energy and I was restless and quite happy. So perhaps some of you did or could emulate my joyful experience.


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