Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Category

Since I’m doing a kind of research project, I decided that today I’m going to start a new category in this blog that refers to old (very old) movies that I really would like to see for many reasons beyond the genre they belong.

All the movies posted in this category belong to the history of the lesbian interest genre and I’m sharing them with you all in an effort to first interest you in very early releases of some quite rare movies and second to keep a record for each of them.

The new category name is Old Lesbian Interest and will have easy access by pressing the name in the first column.

Of course, today I’ll do one or two posts in the new category that I know some of my loyal readers could enjoy, as much as I’m enjoying finding information about each movie.

Obviously and hopefully I’ll try to keep the synopsis and information as “unusual” as always.


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