Friday, September 12, 2008

Get Smart

Seems that I continue in my entertainment mood and well, decided to give a try to this movie about one of my favorite TV shows when I was a very young kid. Perhaps because I’m totally contaminated by the TV show that I find this movie lacked the peculiar silly humor of the TV show or perhaps is because I really do not enjoy Steve Carell comic style (I do highly enjoy his serious roles performances); but I found this movie not funny and silly-bad/boring.

I totally understand that the storyline had to be updated and believe that with the Cold War over they did a good job, but I missed laughing and definitively I missed Agent 99 as the one always “saving” geniusly “idiotic” Agent 86 aka Maxwell Smart.

I believe that some of you will understand the following comparison. This movie to me looked like a bad copy of D.E.B.S. If this movie had half the satire and half the silly funny humor of D.E.B.S. it would have been very different leaning to be highly entertaining. I even found the story quite similar with the only difference that Get Smart is about a man and a woman. If only Angela Robison directed Get Smart, then perhaps the final product would have been silly funny.

Still, I know that many like Steve Carell humor and many critics and viewers enjoyed the movie as good entertainment so I would not be surprised if many of you disagree with me. On top the movie was a commercial success with worldwide gross revenue a little above US$200 million.

Then there is one silly thing that it was total pleasure to my ears and I was glad they kept it from the original, the music theme… still today when I listen to the theme I simply laugh remembering some silly sketches from the TV show.

So, I believe that unless you have never seen the TV show when was aired or in reruns and you enjoy Steve Carell comic style, this movie as well as the rumored future sequel are safe to skip and you will not miss that much.

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