Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Fall

I got interested in this movie because found some pics from the movie that looked just stunning and obviously it attracted me. But there is a huge difference between still images and moving images. I started to watch the movie with lots of interest and well, the story and performances were not really interesting but the visuals were somehow interesting. Then something totally unexpected happened: I fall asleep!

But I didn’t gave up, as eventually I woke up and rewind start to watch again, until became unbearable as I was falling asleep again! I gave up.

Yes the movie has a fascinating story about how it was done as took Tarsen Singh four (4) years to film in something like 18 countries and with no special effects, which sounds totally ludicrous and a terrible way to spend what I imagine was a huge amount of money.

Perhaps you realize that I do love visuals and highly appreciate cinematography, but this movie seemed to me more like a documentary with outstandingly takes of really beautiful places in the world. The problem is that there was nothing else and in my opinion National Geographic could have made a similar succession of incredibly beautiful places in the world and perhaps could have been more interesting that this movie.

The movie totally lacks substance, it just has beautiful landscapes and that is not enough for moving pictures. I know that some of you will not agree with my comments as especially many viewers enjoyed the movie with some mentioning that was highly entertaining.

I do not recommend this movie.

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