Thursday, September 11, 2008

27th Vancouver International Film Festival

From September 25th to October 10th the fest will run in Vancouver and with so many films in a not easy to navigate site and a catalogue that is hard to read, I’m truly having a hard time identifying the films in competition and I’m wondering if they haven’t announced them.

Still there is an interesting section that identifies what they call ‘Queer Interest’ films and to check them go here.

From that list there are some interesting ‘new’ (or not) to the blog movies (beyond the genre) like the following:

All Inclusive, Rodrigo Ortúzar Lynch, Mexico (could be interesting...)
Quemar Las Naves (Burn The Bridges), Francisco Franco, Mexico (complex teenage drama)
Suivre Catherine (Following Catherine), Jeanne Crépeau, Canada, 2007 (with animated sequences, documentary-style sections and invented scenes… hmm, sounds nice.)

To check the not-so-friendly official site go here. I will check after September 13 to find there is something new or perhaps I should wait for the announcement of the award winners.

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