Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It’s been too long since I had the opportunity to watch a movie like this one that’s so incredibly happy! and not until I finished watching it I knew how much I miss movies that make you laugh, think and simply feel joyful. This Mike Leigh movie is one of those movies that you have to see as not only entertains you, but also sends messages that will make you think… that’s it if you want to think about it, as if you don’t is all right the same.

Tells the story of thirty-year-old Poppy (Sally Hawkins) that truly is the most happy character I have ever seen in the screen and even when at the beginning seems odd and sort of annoying that someone can be so cheerful, but Hawkins extremely good performance makes you just love her character very fast. So, going back to the story, actually there is not much to tell but that you will see a slice of this primary school teacher life with Zoe (her flat mate), Heather (her colleague), Tim (a social worker), her two sisters and brother-in-law, and most of all the dramatic relationship she establishes with Scott (driving instructor she hires after she says goodbye to her stolen bicycle) that’s perhaps the most interesting and food for thought moments of the movie along when Poppy, Zoe and the family are together.

I read a lot of viewers comments that reviewed this movie and most of those that like it tend to search for symbols in the movie. Before I read about it I saw nothing symbolic in this fun to watch movie, but after reading some comments and thinking about this movie I believe that yes there are some symbols that only if you wish to go into depth analysis of what you saw you will uncover them, as the movie rhythm does not allow you to do it while you’re watching. Still, if you do not feel like doing this mental exercise, you will enjoy this movie that while watching gave me the feeling that the movie had a “je ne sais quoi” that totally grabs you.

As a movie has excellent tech specs that wont interfere with the story; still, has some interesting camera and framing moments when Poppy is jumping. I have to mention that if you are familiar with Leigh movies, it will be hard for you to imagine how different this movie is from -for example- lets say Vera Drake and Topsy-Turvy.

The movie has been accumulating great accolades from critics and viewers, and was screened in competition at the 2008 Berlinale where Sally Hawkins won the Silver Bear for Best Actress and you have no idea of how she really deserves this award, as she’s truly outstanding. The movie also won the Golden Arena for Best Director at the 2008 Pula film festival.

I strongly recommend this movie to my known readers as an excellent opportunity to watch remarkable moments from a remarkable woman's life that includes a nice 10 years friendship story with Zoe.

This movie truly is for all audiences that want to enjoy an unusually good entertaining British movie.


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