Thursday, August 14, 2008


This first feature film by Cecilia Miniucchi is quite dark as shows an unusual romance between two of the most unlikely people that you could imagine could be together; but then in my opinion they were also very similar as both were the most needy characters I have seen in the screen.

With a smart and brainy script also written by Mininucchi the movie tells how oddly ordinary and vulnerable Claire (Samantha Morton) a parking enforcement officer meets her colleague oddly ordinary, nasty, incapable of emotional intimacy and angry Jay (Jason Patric) and start to develop an incredible dysfunctional relationship. The script plus the amazing good director make you start to like the odd couple more than what you should do according to what you see and hear in the screen.

This is a dramatic romance with some comedic touches here and there that is so smartly written that characters are very well developed and dialogues are raw. very real-life alike that at moments it really becomes very hard to watch, but you endure to find what happens and when is over you’ll be sort of happy/depressed/joyful/sad/etc. positive/etc. negative. But, the contradictory feelings at the end will make you feel very good because you were able to watch a very good movie with amazing performances and a surprisingly good art-directed.

I have always highly appreciated Samantha Morton performances and in the beginning I was feeling uncomfortable seeing her in such an ordinary and American role, as totally disrupted the image I have about her performances. But here she’s so extraordinary that even when I felt what I felt, rapidly I forgot about it as she was “gaining” and engaging me into liking her character. That’s what I call very good acting.

Then I knew that Jason Patric was getting high accolades and awards for this role and I was expecting an extraordinary performance, honestly I was not disappointed and even exceeded my expectations. He is truly good here, perhaps his best ever, as you end up liking a character that without an excellent performance you would have hated. Then the two together plus Minimucchi directing/writing was pure magic.

Yes this is one of the best so-called American independent movies I have seen and have to say that I’m no fan of American Independent Cinema. That’s how much I like it.

I know that’s not for all audiences, but I believe that most adult audiences could enjoy this smart portrait of ordinary people, so I suggest you do not skip this movie.


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