Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uri saengae choego-ui sungan (Forever the Moment)

This so-called ‘sports’ movie is about a Korean female handball team that goes to the Athens Olympics and is inspired on a true story. I say ‘so-called’, as truly is an incredible good drama about women in sports in those countries where sportsmanship is not that appreciated after they reach an older age (for athletes) and where after so many efforts the woman have not really a life when they retire, except being a coach for another female team.

I was thinking that in about a week or so the China Olympics will start and this is a great movie to watch before this year’s Olympics as can give you a different perspective on women teams from not so big countries, as if some of those teams achieve glory, what will be expecting them at home might not be as bright as for those athletes that come from large countries.

Anyway the movie by Soonrye Yim is entertaining and the script is well developed around the four older members of the team that with very good character development will make you feel for them and all the different situations around their personal lives. Also actors’ performances are compelling with the comic and serious moments. Then as a movie has quite good tech specs that do not distract you from the main drama and keeps it flowing flawlessly.

Not very often I watch sports movies, as I do not particularly enjoy watching any sports, but this movie was more interesting than what I ever could imagine as not only deals with sports but also with the lives of the women involved in the sport. So, if I that do not like to watch sports enjoyed the movie, I imagine that those that like sports and good women drama will enjoy it as well.

Still, somehow I believe that this movie will appeal more to women than to men and I strongly suggest to all women to give a try to this incredible movie about women.


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