Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Step Up 2: The Streets

Most of you know my eclectic taste in movies, but not many know that I used to dance and well, it is no surprise that I’m crazy about dancing movies. This is one very good dancing movie that obviously fails in everything else, but then you go to see a dance movie for the dancing and not the story, the acting or the director. Luckily this movie is heavy on the dancing and has a lot more numbers that the first installment, which obviously I saw too and liked, but this one is a lot better.

Thanks to those summer dancing TV shows I have been learning about the ‘new’ dances with some truly spellbinding numbers and this movie has many good ensemble dances that will mesmerize you, that’s it if you really like dancing and are open minded to see the new ways of dancing that American kids seem to be doing so well.

Just the final scenes are worth the total movie as both the 410 as the MSA ensemble or crew dancing makes you wish you could do at least half of what they do and your feet and body just start to move in your seat. Have to add that I paid attention to the cinematography in those numbers and it is not bad at all, darkish with lots of colorful light in a nice set that totally complements the dancing.

The music is heavy with many well known singers and groups, unbelievably including Enrique Iglesias but also Missy Elliott, KC, Ludacris and many more, so even if you do not enjoy that much the dancing you still have the music.

Anyway, I know this movie is not for all audiences and it is totally targeted to teenagers but I should say that is a business success as with a budget of US$22 million the US$140+ million the movie has made worldwide, assures a good profit and they always have the DVD’s to add more success.

I believe that if you really like to dance you have to see this movie and prepare yourself for the next installment, Step Up 3-D that hopefully will be as good as this one.

Enjoy!!! (just for the dancing)

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