Friday, July 04, 2008

Parlami D’Amore (Talk to Me About Love)

The first feature film by Silvio Muccino is a good romance melodrama that most women will like as a romance and less as a melodrama. The cinematography is very good, with sumptuous sets and a camera that follows only the main character Sasha played by none other than Silvio Muccino. By the way he wrote the novel of the same name and also wrote the screenplay.

The movie tells about a young man, Sasha, that is in love with his boss daughter, Benedetta, and while arriving to Rome crashes with a car driven by an older, lonely and doom in a no future relationship woman, Nicole (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón). Sasha and Nicole become friends with Nicole helping Sasha to seduce Benedetta. But nothing comes easy when Sasha has a troubled past that sooner than later catches up with his present and the melodrama starts as he goes into a down turmoil that has a happy ending.

Most Italian and American critics trash the movie as an oeuvre that lacks direction, credibility and stays only with Sasha overshadowing all other actors. Perhaps is true, but viewers –including me- seem to not mind that much as the movie did very good at the Italian box office and I finally found a nice romance movie that has drama (well, melodrama), nice arty feel, very good music, and classic scenes that look like other cult movies like Eyes Wide Shut and other French movies.

Even when I liked and enjoyed the movie is hard for me to understand why the director was nominated for a Nastro D’Argento this year as is not precisely a movie with an outstanding director or outstanding something. The movie is a nice romance drama and nothing more.

So if you’re a woman and are in the mood for a nice romance melodrama Italian style perhaps you should give a try. I believe that men will not enjoy it that much.


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