Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ddeugeoun-geosi joh-a (Hellcats)

A very nice and uplifting movie from South Korea that tells about three different generation women that are in life transition moments with the oldest being diagnosed with menopause, her screenplay struggling sister that dreams of meeting a rich man but you should know better what you wish for, and her daughter that is just discovering her sexual identity.

This was a very interesting exercise on women that came as total surprise for me as I never imagined I was going to see a Korean movie with such depth and rich female characters that are totally developed with three-dimensional personalities, especially in the second half of the movie. Absolutely makes me think that women allover the world have the same identity crucial moments suggesting that there are not that many differences from east and west, at least nowadays.

The movie is labeled as a romantic comedy and perhaps the first half of the movie fits the label, but in the second half it becomes like a light drama that has a happy ending. This style is interesting as when trouble comes for the three characters you start to care for them and become involved with their situations; if the movie remained only a romantic comedy it would have become perhaps boring or the same as many movies from allover the world and if was a drama since the beginning ditto. What makes it interesting is the great blending of styles that when the happy ending comes it does not bother you at all as it does seem natural and credible.

The movie directed by Chil-in Kwon is based on the comic “10, 20 and 30” by Kam Mo rim and performances by the three actresses are very good especially when the light drama starts to appear, but nonetheless also in the comedy moments that are supposed to be as annoying as what the women are living.

The younger woman story is totally lesbian interest and unfortunately is the most underdeveloped of the three stories, but according to what I read it seems that is a novelty in Korean films that they touch this subject matter and do it so well. I will give it the label only because the movie is very worth seeing.

I liked a lot this movie and have to say that the English title and poster are totally misleading. I know most women and some men that want to explore the female psyche would like to see it and could enjoy it as much as I did.


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