Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Chaos Theory

This Marcos Siega film fails in one important thing: he missed a great opportunity to tell a story that could have been more interesting if just opted to do only drama or only comedy. But by mixing the styles he lost control of the story that became not only predictable but also uninteresting.

Tells about an extremely organized man that gives time efficiency talks that one day is late to catch the ferry and a series of serendipitous situations happen that make him discover that all the order and time efficiency he has, does not prepare him to affront the harsh realities of his family life. Obviously has a happy ending where you learn that love means also to forgive.

Ryan Reynolds is the main character and he has a good committed performance that suggest that he is finding a better direction to his career, but remember that I’m a fan of his non-comedy films. Then he’s the sole reason to watch this movie as he carries the entire movie well with his performance. Also here is Emily Mortimer with a role that totally under uses her great abilities.

I can only recommend this movie to those that like Ryan Reynolds performances in non-comedy roles.

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