Thursday, July 24, 2008


Finally today I decided to check this movie that has generated a good amount of buzz since winning the 2006 People’s Choice Award at 2006 Toronto International Film festival and in 2007 the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival becoming a very Moving Picture.

Yeah, can say that the story in the movie could be moving as is a tale about one man redemption and one pregnant woman that does not want to have the baby, but unfortunately it did not move me as the not so good director, who also wrote the story and co wrote the script, plus the below average performances by the two leads and a quite bad movie quality with average production values made me feel that I was watching a Latin America telenovela or in American terms a Hallmark made for TV movie that finally found airing time at the Lifetime channel.

But I believe that this movie has a natural target related to Latinos living in USA that want to be able to see a movie that portraits them in a positive way when most movies do not and also, women that have had non-desired pregnancies perhaps could also enjoy the story and not pay much attention to the movie production values. So, if you do not belong to any of these groups I suggest you skip this movie.

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